About Us

Pazino Agro Allied Industries Nigeria Limited was established and registered with cooperate affairs commission as a limited liability company on March 5, 2014. Registered company number: RC-1175721. Since its establishment, the company has been supplying high quality processed and raw agricultural produce to its customers all over the globe. The company’s core business areas are:

  • ·         Palm oil production.
  • ·         Palm kernel oil production.
  • ·         Cassava chips production
  • ·         Animal husbandry
  • ·         Feed mill and hatchery
  • ·         Crop production


 Our Mission

To satisfy the demand for high quality raw and processed agricultural produce from both final consumers and industries.

Core Values

  • ·         Customer focus
  • ·         Environmental sustainability
  • ·         Quality and conformity to standard.
  • ·         Openness and honesty.


Pazino Agro Industries: Operation feed the nation.


 Mr Paschal Ugochukwu

CEO, Pazino Agro Allied Industries Nigeria Limited